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  • Green Pickled Olives
  • Green Pickled Pitted Olives
  • Black Pickled Olives
  • Green Pickled Olives 450g
  • Black Pickled Olives 450g
  • Green Pickled Pitted Olives 350g
  • Green Pickled Sliced Olives 425g
  • Green Pickled Sliced Olives

Green Pickled Olives


Prepared as per the traditional recipe, our green olives are thoroughly picked, calibrated and cracked. They are then tossed in a mixture of water and salt and left to ferment. They are best enjoyed while still bitter as appetizers.


Ingredients: Green Olives, Water, Salt, Lactic Acid.


Once opened, keep refrigerated



Size: 145g

Description: Glass Jars

color: White

Box: 1x12