House of Zejd

Our store
"House of Zejd®" flagship store revolves around bringing a wide range of olive derivative products to the consumer in a sophisticated atmosphere where he can taste local and imported olives at the olive bar; discover different kinds of expert chosen extra virgin olive oils from different regions in Lebanon, experience local artisanal produced tapenade products as well as pickled and stuffed olives.

In addition "House of Zejd®" offers pure olive derivative beauty products such as traditional olive oil soap, liquid soaps…coupled with sophisticated kitchen utensils, as well as gift packages. In collaboration with stellar culinary institutions and professionals who have trusted our products, House of Zejd periodically hosts cooking masterclasses with guest chefs unveiling that extra cooking punch you've been looking for.



     Issa Building - Mar Mitr Street
     Facing the Brazilian cultural center
     Achrafieh – Beirut -Lebanon
     T: +961 1 338 003
     E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.